The Economic Development Alliance (EDA) of Southeast Alberta is a non-profit organization representing the economic development interests of the Town of Redcliff, Cypress County, Town of Bow Island and County of Forty Mile.

We provide relevant industry knowledge and support to companies in four key sectors:


The region of southeast Alberta is the most prosperous “centre of choice” which retains and attracts investment by businesses and families, supporting a high quality of life.

Mission Statement

The Economic Development Alliance of Southeast Alberta is the hub for regional economic development through collaborative partnerships, stimulating growth and wealth for the region.

Core Values

  • Creating sustainable economic growth
  • Maximizing the value of resources
  • Working collaboratively
  • Working with the region’s businesses that are willing to grow

Our Services

Our overarching strategic objectives are to promote and support business retention and expansion, investment attraction, and marketing and communications. We offer services to businesses and investors such as:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Facilitating access to funding and other government resources
  • Industry-specific reports and research
  • Connections with potential customers, industry leaders and other experts and professionals