EDA Services — not used

27_b izdevWe can help you throughout the entire business cycle and can provide you with the information and advice you need to be successful.

How We Can Help

Work with our experienced Business Team who can:

  • Help you to navigate local market conditions for site selection and provide tailored research of suitable land and buildings, labour availability, and more
  • Provide access and information about Provincial and Federal programs, partners and resources that can help expand your business
  • Research and prepare summaries of the most current market, economic and demographic information. Our industry-specific reports can help you prepare for expansion and make informed decisions
  • Connect you with potential customers, future colleagues and key industry leaders
  • Provide you with on-going support and a point of contact throughout the entire business cycle


5 Steps to Growing Your Business

The following 5-step process outlines how the EDA can help you to grow your business.

1. Match Your Budget to Your Strategic Direction

To take your idea to market or to fund your operations you will need a plan. We can help you to find and access grants, loans and investors.

4. Marketing: Using the Right Tools

Reach your audiences with targeted marketing tools. We can help you find the right resources to maximize your exposure.

2. Remain Relevant: Expand Your Product

Research is important in identifying opportunities to diversify your operations. We have studies and reports focused on industry trends and relevant statistics that will assist you in making strategic business decision.

5. Know where you are in the business cycle and plan accordingly

Whether you are looking to patent your idea, or expand an existing business, you will need information to help you plan. We can assist you at every stage, providing key information on topics like: available land, real estate & leasing, exporting and succession planning.

3. Manage Growth: Bring in the Professionals

Manage your growth by working with experts and developing business-to-business communications. We can connect you to the right professionals, including Trade Commissioners, LEAN practitioners, marketing consultants and human resource specialists.