The academic system in southeast Alberta facilitates early and post- secondary education. Whether looking at enrolling your children in a unique french immersion program or deciding on a career path, the region has options for you.

Medicine Hat College

The growth and success of Medicine Hat College can be credited to its 540+ hardworking and satisfied employees.

The College has more than 30 diploma and certificate programs, and offers a ‘My First Year’ program at the Brooks Campus for those who want to explore their academic options. The ‘My First Year’ program allows students who aren’t sure about their academic goals, or those who want to study locally for their first year, to take a full year of university courses which can then be transferred to universities throughout Alberta. Medicine Hat College is also home to the Entrepreneur Development Centre which provides business coaching and resources to students and alumni, encouraging entrepreneurship amongst youth. With over 2700 full-time students, Medicine Hat College will continue to remain a major contributor to the skilled workforce for the future. For more information on the various programs visit

Academy of Learning- Career & Business College in Medicine Hat

This modern college has fantastic staff who are always excited to share their knowledge with new students. Programs offered through this college include: accounting, business, healthcare, information technology and web design. The Academy of Learning College has an exclusive Integrated Learning System, available only through them.  To get connected to the campus click here

Cypress College

Cypress College is Southern Alberta’s largest instructor led licensed private vocational school. They offer small class sizes, experienced teachers and customized lesson plans suited to your learning style. Programs offered through this Cypress include: administrative technology, computer technology professional,  professional sales and hospitality management. For more information visit

Medicine Hat School District No 76

The District has five trustees and is comprised of 3 secondary schools, 12 elementary (K-6) schools including a special needs school for the severely disabled, as well as an Alternative School program which incorporates a joint partnership with the YMCA Teen Moms’ Program, YMCA Stay-in-School Program, a program with Palliser Health for secondary students and a program supported by Children Services for students with behavioral needs.
Medicine Hat School District has a current enrollment of 6,500 students for children from 2-1/2 years of age from ECS through Grade 12. To get a complete list of the schools and opportunities view their website here.

Ecole Connaught School- French Immersion

Ecole Connaught School is the only elementary French Immersion Programme in School District 76. It has been thriving for over twenty years allowing children to be bilingual in English and French. Information can be found here

Prairie Rose School Division # 8

Prairie Rose encompasses a large geographical area (approximately 29,117 sq. kilometers) in southeastern Alberta. It borders Saskatchewan to the East and the United States to the South.

The Division serves a predominantly rural population of approximately 3380 students in grades Junior Kindergarten through 12. A Board of 8 trustees operates 17 Public Schools, 1 Outreach School and 15 Hutterite Colony Schools.
The communities and regions that they serve include: Cypress County, County of 40 Mile, MD of Acadia Valley, Special Areas, Town of Redcliff, Town of Oyen, Town of Bow Island, Village of Foremost, Village of Cereal and Village of Empress. To find out about the strengths and academic goals of this division visit their site here.

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education

The Medicine Hat Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 20 came into existence in 1995. The school division includes ten schools:

  • Pre K-12 in Bow Island
  • 4 Elementary Pre K-6 Schools in Medicine Hat
  • 1 Elementary Pre K-5 School in Medicine Hat
  • 1 French Immersion Single Track Pre K-6 School
  • 2 Middle Schools in Medicine Hat
  • Approximately 2800 Students

To learn more about Division No 20 visit

Private Schools

For families searching for other academic options for their children the region offers the following schools: CAPE School, Cherry Coulee Christian School, Cornerstone Christian School,Higher Ground Christian School.