Energy Including Renewables

Oil and Gas

Robust growth is projected in our oil and gas industry, a cornerstone of our economy for over half a century. Continued development of extraction technologies, abundant available land surface, and year-round drilling will improve access to our large, shallow sweet natural gas reserves, and medium and heavy crude in a region already known for its high exploration success rates and low costs.

  • Well established oil and gas industry
  • Shallow natural gas reserves
  • Year round drilling
  • Horizontal and vertical wells
  • Experienced drilling workers and service technicians, including fraccing workers

Renewable Energy

With approximately 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, steady winds and vast areas of open land ideal for solar and wind farms or geo-thermal drilling, Southeast Alberta is an ideal location for wind, solar and geo-thermal development. Expansion of transmission lines and a supportive business environment provide further advantages to the region’s businesses.

  • Leader in innovative solar energy technology
  • Large land surface and open space available for geo-thermal drilling and solar and wind farms
  • Growing cluster of solar sector businesses and researchers leveraging strengths in oil and gas to the solar PV sector
  • Canada’s largest wind farms have been proposed for development in the region

Competitive Advantage
Our central location and proximity to the US border provide easy access to key North American markets. First rate infrastructure, including air, highway and rail transportation, low cost utilities, and commercial incentives make Southeast Alberta an ideal location for investment.

Southeast Alberta has an experienced workforce with a strong knowledge base thanks to the region’s mature oil and gas sector. From technicians to office workers to recent grads of Medicine Hat College’s excellent trades programs, Southeast Alberta can provide your business with the skilled workers it needs.

Some of the world’s leading energy companies are located in Southeast Alberta. Visit our success stories page to learn more about energy companies in Southeast Alberta, including those operating in the renewables sector.

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